Deck Roofing Materials

Deck Roofing Materials Deck Roofing Materials

Deck Roofing Materials

Deck Roofing Materials

A sun deck adds value to any home and serves as an ideal outdoor space to entertain a small group of friends and family while enjoying a arresting view of the sunset. However, if you live in the south, you may not be capable to enjoy much time in an open deck due to inclement weather conditions.

You can easy tackle this problem by building a roof over your deck so that you can spend more time on the deck even in the hot summertime sun. If you ar preparation to add a cap to the sun deck in your house, you can either do it yourself or decide to hire a professional declarer for the purpose. Unless you have extensive experience in building a deck ceiling yourself, it will be a wise decision to get estimates from various roofing and roof repair specialists and handing the job to one of them to save both time and money.

Building a deck cap requires expertise in taking exact measurements of the cap surface area and using appropriate roofing materials that complement the deck as well as the remaining house structure. For those who want to build the deck ceiling themselves, they can begin by installing the posts on the deck that will hold the roof. Next, begin building the frame of the roof on the ground itself.

You need to make a box frame of the same dimensions as the outer measurements of your deck. Ideally, you should use 2 by 4 inch lumber for the purpose. Next take it up to your deck and hoist it on the post with the help of various sized screws and nails. You need to cover the cap with the construction material of your choice and install the ceiling on the frame. It is best to use tar paper on the plyboard sub roofing, which you can later cover with a tin roof.

If you can afford it, it is best to use a crane for the purpose of hoisting the cap on the frame. The height of the front of the cap should be same as the house roof. You can attach the back portion of the deck cap to the house roof by using a right flash so that it does not look like a disjointed portion of the house. Use a good quality metal flashing to ensure that you do need to spend much on later on.

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